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  • Pintail


    The Pintail hits that perfect balance between river runner and fun boat. It's been taken on upper class 5 river runs, making the hardest moves with the best of them, yet get to a fun wave, and you are busting out Helixs and Airblunts. Schools have been using the Pintail to teach basic skills, from the eskimo roll to class 3 river runs, while our pro paddlers are taking this same design to Chile, Russia, India and the Grand Canyon and every time we get the same reaction: "I had so...

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  • Stinger


    The design is as adapt on river runs, from California's steeps, to Norway's mass volume, as it is playboating. This makes getting to playspots easier. The Stinger follows the current trend in playboats, in shortening the tails relative to the bow and packing more volume into the middle of the boat. But it also holds in its sidewall shape, outline and basic rocker profile. The narrowing of the tail near the tip with the "cut away" wings, a continuous rocker through the center, rounded...

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  • Mad Boy

    Mad Boy

    The focus of the Mad Boy design is anything but simple, because its very nature as "advanced river runner" means it will be subjected to all the extremes from huge volume runs to the steepest of creeks. This presents an interesting design dilemma because the very thing that makes a boat good at one makes it bad at the other. This is why it has taken us nearly 3 years to bring this design to market from its first conception. Getting it right was tough, but we got it right. The Mad Boy is as...

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