DragoRossi is not the usual brand of canoes born to produce models identical to all the others.

We at DragoRossi want to create a line of kayaks for canoeists who are looking for design with a “special touch”, fun but unique at the same time. But this does not mean producing models suitable exclusively for expert paddlers.

We also have models of this type in the range, but we all know that most canoeists are not canoe professionals. We work, we have commitments and, unfortunately, we all have too little time to paddle.

Is this the reason why our models need to be more fun, easier, more performing and … more fun we already said?

Our goal is to create kayaks for everyone but at the same time unique and innovative.

The DragoRossi kayak line is very varied, starting with the most reliable creek boats up to the easiest playboats and the best performing river runners.

High-performance models, such as Mafia, Fish and Squashtail, require a slightly more advanced basic technique to be used to the fullest. The DR9, the Critical Mass or the 88, on the contrary, are very easy to use and are able to make even the most extreme stream easier. Then there are the mid-range models, creek or river runner such as 77, Mad Boy, Pintail and Thruster.

Canoes that can be used on medium difficulty rivers, making them very fun. After all, just because you don’t launch yourself from a 30-meter waterfall or do not make aerial rodeo changes, it doesn’t mean that our kayak should be boring. All this is DragoRossi … So what are you waiting for? Choose your Red Dragon, go to the river and have fun!

All our kayaks are made of HDTP polyethene specifically designed for DragoRossi.

With this material, we are able to produce a kayak that has at the same time the rigidity of a blow-molded product and the impact resistance of a reticulated product, without however limiting the possibility of printing very complex shapes and taking care to use only materials that respect the environmental standards and the health of our workers.

DragoRossi has always been very attentive to environmental issues and protecting our planet.

All kayaks and canoes are produced using the clean energy of our photovoltaic system.

Photovoltaics makes it possible to produce electricity without any emission of greenhouse gases, unlike fossil fuels, which are highly polluting.

It is calculated that, for every kilowatt-hour of photovoltaic energy produced, the emission into the atmosphere of over 500 grams of carbon dioxide is avoided.