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  • DR9


    Designed by the DragoRossi Team Paddlers, the DR9 is the new creek boat of the italian factory. Easy and ideal for both expert paddlers and beginners. Ideal for big volume rivers, incredibly fast and agile. Fitted with: 3D padded adjustable legrest, antibreaking footrest, padded adjustable seat, padded adjustable backband, front and rear bulkhead, 4 handles, drain plug. Ideal for paddlers till90 kg.

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  • 88


    Creek boat, easy to use it is ideal both for expert paddlers and beginners. Created for big volume rivers, it is incredibly fast and agile. Supplied with: adjustable legrest, antibreaking footrest, adjustable seat, front bulkhead, 4 handles and drain plug

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  • Critical Mass


    When we stated on the Critical Mass it was a call out for those guys pushing it harder and harder, running rapids and drops which are now on the verge of unrunnable. The Critical Mass is designed to ride up and over everything the river has to throw at you. Its length is not there for speed, but for reach: to reach over the chasm between the lip of a drop and the back of the hole at the bottom. To reach over all the funny water that messes with you between stacked multiple drops, when you...

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  • Mafia


    The idea behind the Mafia was to design a small, compact creeker able to handle even the steepest creeks. The Mafia is highly maneuverable and responds to the smallest indication of your desire to change direction but it is easy to use at the same time. It is a kayak that wants to be driven and will give back 110% of what you put into it. But do not confuse this delicate responsiveness with a boat that is hard to paddle. It is not. What the Mafia is, is different to paddle, because...

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  • 77


    Dragorossi 77 is an easy and performing creek boat, ideal both for expert paddlers and beginners. Created for big volume rivers, amazingly agile and fast. Supplied with: new adjustable Power 3D legrests and anti-breaking footrest, adjustable seat, front and back bulckhead, 4 handles, drain plug

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