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  • K1 Slalom Kit

    K1 Slalom..

    K1 Slalom Kit

    0,00 €

  • Fin + Disk

    Fin + Disk

    Nylon fin+ disk. It's ideal to increase the stability of the surf on the waves, especially sea waves.

    Available for: Stinger, Pintail, Thruster, Fish, Squashtail, Swallowtail

    0,00 €

  • Thigh brace

    Thigh brace

    Pair of thigh braces made of reinforced nylon and rubber. Adjustable in different positions, it can rotate 180° to allow the utmost comfort to every type of leg. Ideal to increase the kayak performance during the freestyle

    0,00 €

  • WW legrest

    WW legrest

    WW legrest made of polyethylene with ratchet adjustment. Padded with foam to increase the comfort.Ideal with Performance seat.

    Available for all the Dragorossi models

    0,00 €
    0,00 €

  • Drain Plug

    Drain Plug

    Drain plug made of a built-in steel base to fix onto the kayak and of a plastic threaded cap, supplied with safety bungee rope

    Available for all the models

    0,00 €

  • Handle


    Transport handle made of reinforce polyurethane.

    Available for Mad Boy, 88 and Aloha

    0,00 €

  • Side handle with...


    Handle with stainless steel d-rings to easily hook a carabiner

    Available for Critical Mass and Mafia

    0,00 €

  • Elastic Handle


    Elastic Handle made of vulcanized rubber and ribbon

    Available for: Pintail, Stinger, Thruster, Fish, Squashtail.

    0,00 €

  • Playboat footrest


    Very light polyethylene footrest, adjustable with ratchet. Ideal for freestyle, it leaves the tip of the feet free offering a solid support for the heels

    Available for: Squashtail, Fish, Thruster, Pintail and Stinger.

    0,00 €

  • Creek Footrest


    Anatomic, adjustable footrest, ideal for creek.The surface is covered with anti-slip embossments. Adjustable in 4 width positions

    Available for: Critical Mass, 88, Mafia and Mad Boy.

    0,00 €

  • Performance backrest


    Padded backrest with back support reinforcement

    Available for all the models

    0,00 €

  • Performance seat


    Anatomic padded seat, with lumbar support to give the ustmost comfort. Front hatch for throws

    Available in one size for all the Dragorossi models

    0,00 €

  • Power Seat

    Power Seat

    Anatomic adjustable padded seat. It runs onto a reinforced rail that makes the bottom of the kayak much more stable and compact. With a big front housing for bags 

    Available in M and L size for: 88, Critical Mass, Mad Boy and Mafia.

    0,00 €

  • Power 3D Legrest

    Power 3D..

    Padded legrest, adjustable in 3 directions: inside-out, back and forth, up and down. It supplies the utmost comfort and stability in every single situation

    Available for: Critical Mass, Mad Boy, Mafia and 88.

    0,00 €

  • Power Bulkhead


    Front foam bulkhead, with polyethylene reinforcement protection. It guarantees a perfect support to the boat with minimum weight and taking up a small of space

    Available for: Critical Mass, 88, Mad Boy and Mafia

    0,00 €

  • Ratchet


    Highly resistant adjustment ratchet. Ideal to adjust the position of backrests and legrests, it is suitable to all the models

    0,00 €

  • Stainless steel...


    Stainless steel d-ring and bar to hook safety carabiners and/or ropes

    Available for: Critical Mass, Mafia, Thruster, Stinger and Squashtail.

    0,00 €

  • Foam Bulkhead


    Foam bulkhead for watertight hatch

    Available for: Critical Mass and Mafia.

    0,00 €

  • Neoprene hatch cover


    Neoprene hatch cover to be placed on the hatch opening before closing it with the hatch cover (DR20)

    Available for: Mafia and Critical Mass.

    0,00 €

  • Hatch Cap

    Hatch Cap

    Polyethylene cap to close the hatch.

    To be used together with the neoprene hatch cover (DR19).

    Available for: Mafia and Critical Mass.

    0,00 €

  • Hip Pads

    Hip Pads

    Hip pads set. Elastic pouch filled with foam, with the possibility to add or to remove the stuffing according to the paddler hips measure. It can be fixed to the seat through a string/velcro combination

    Available for all the Dragorossi models

    0,00 €

  • PE Front Frame

    PE Front..

    Reinforcement front frame completely made of polyethylene. It guarantees the utmost stability and support to the kayak structure

    Available for: Critical Mass, Mafia, 88 and Mad Boy in combination with the Performance Seat (DR15)

    0,00 €

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