Aloha Base

The SUP, which stands for Stand Up Paddleboard, is the combination of the world of surfing and kayaking.
It is at the same time the freedom and charm of surfing combined with the adrenaline and versatility of kayaking.

Aloha is molded in polyethylene with the rotational technique, which makes it virtually indestructible.
In addition, Aloha has been designed with an accentuated rocker, tip volume, side rails and sides that derive from our experience in river runner kayaking.

At the same time the concave bottom, the external and tail lines are similar to those of the classic surfboards in the ocean. The two ponds and the covered elastic net will allow you to carry your favorite things, from fishing equipment to a picnic for a snack.
From the lake to the easy rivers to the waves of the sea, Aloha is fun guaranteed.



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