Polo 2.90 Slalom 3.50 K1-C1 (KIDS)

Kayak polo for kids, ICF approved, and supplied as standard with adjustable foot pedals, anatomic seat, rear side member, tip and integrated soft rubber tail. It is transformed in just a few seconds into a slalom kayak that can be used either as K1 or C1. The length is 290 cm for the Polo version and 350 cm for the K1-C1 Slalom version.

Transforming the Polo n the Slalom K1-C1 version is straightforward: just replace the tip and the rubber tail with the Slalom tip and tail. The K1 seating system can also be quickly transformed into C1. This kayak for kids was especially created for instructors, as it makes it possible to carry out multiple sessions of K1, C1, and Polo. The Polo 2.90 K1-C1 is the only kayak in the world ideal for both teaching and entertainment. 1° Award for the most innovative product of the year at the Paddle Expo in Nuremberg.



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